Server Management Services

a2b provides complete and comprehensive server management systems for both Microsoft Windows and Linux based servers. a2b server management services aim to increase availability, reliability, and efficiency of your server systems.

We provide configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance for corporate server infrastructure. Whether your organization has one or one-thousand servers in their network, a2b has the resources to secure, maintain and keep them running smoothly.

Server management Services:
  • Server acquisition and deployment - if your organization is considering the purchase of a new server a2b can help! a2b will evaluate your business goals and future expandability and help you acquire reliable server hardware that meets and exceeds those goals without breaking the budget.
  • Server Uptime Monitoring and Response - automated monitoring, detection, diagnosis, and response of critical servers and resources. This service is proactive and helps detect problems before they impact your business.
  • Email Server Configuration and Monitoring - a2b technologies has a great deal of experience in configuring and deploying enterprise level email solutions including, Microsoft Exchange (all versions) , Exim, Sendmail, Postfix, QMail and more.
  • Email Archiving and Compliance - a2b will deploy technology to archive, index, and make available all corporate email for purposes of discovery, archival, and litigation defense.
  • Backup Services - a2b provides both off-site and on-site backup services. Using industry standard imaging and archival software, we can insure that your business is able to recover from a potential disaster as quickly as possible.
  • Web Server Configuration and maintenance
  • File Server Maintenance
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) management
  • Microsoft Exchange configuration
  • Microsoft Active Directory management
  • Security and Version Software updates
  • Intrusion and Vulnerability assessment services