Disaster Recovery

A complete audit, policy generation, and planning service aimed at getting your company back on its feet in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Consulting
a2b technologies provides a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

Auditing and Evaluation
a2b technologies will investigate the current configuration of your network and server infrastructure and gain an understanding of how your company functions on a day to day basis. We will analyze what resources are mission critical and how those resources are accessed.

Planning and Policy Generation
a2b will then generate a plan to mitigate the risks of disaster. Such plans can include on-site backup, off-site backup, secondary backup servers and hardware (hot-spares), continuous data replication, and more.

a2b will also generate policies for your staff and employees to ensure that in the event of a disaster recovery situation everyone knows how to access the data and continue as if everything was as normal.

Recovering from a Disaster
a2b technologies has industry experience in recovering server and network environments from catastrophic events such as floods, water damage, lightening strikes and more.

Please contact us via phone if this is a critical emergency.


Please take a moment to view this video from our data recovery partner Drive Savers on why clean room recoveries are important:

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