Management Team


At a2b, our management team is first and foremost committed to client satisfaction, and providing outstanding customer value. We invest ourselves in the success of the companies to which we provide services and products.

Our Team

Andre' Pera
Andre Pera serves as Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of a2b technologies inc. Andre brings over 30 years of management experience as well as a wide range of financial expertise. Prior to joining a2b technologies, Andre has operated successful startups in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Greg Danielewicz

Greg Danielewicz serves as President and partner of a2b technologies inc. Greg has over 20 years of IT experience from a technician to senior management. Prior to co-founding a2b technologies, he has served in a wide array of industries such as telecommunications, construction, entertainment, software development, manufacturing, and government. He has a hands on approach to projects and enjoys problem solving.