Networks & Infrastructure

a2b technologies provides network services that range from cabling installation to campus wide enterprise wireless mesh networking. Please see below for some of our most common network services:

Network & Computing Infrastructure Services
  • Server Deployments & Data Migration
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN), and Network Area Storage (NAS)
  • Virtualization Deployment & Migration - VMware and Hyper-V Platforms
Wired Network Services include:
  • Firewall Configuration (Cisco, SonicWall)
  • Network Level Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Technology
  • Remote Access and Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Network Load Balancing and High Availability (HA) Network and Server Clusters
  • 10Gbe (10,000mbps) wired network upgrades
  • Network Switch Managment
  • Digital Voice - On Premise and Cloud Based Custom VoIP Phone & Fax Systems
  • vLAN migrations for campus and buildings
  • Installation of Network cabling and jacks for offices and entire buildings
Wireless Network Services include:
  • Installation of Enterprise Wireless networks
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Outdoor Wireless Networking
  • Campus Area Networks
  • Long Range Wireless Networks - Building to Building wireless up to 8mi