Security Services

a2b's security experts have the experience to detect and mitigate threats to your network and server systems. a2b provides options that will help you achieve peace of mind. Our solutions include firewalls that detect and remove viruses from emails, spam filters that detect and quarantine dangerous spyware, and even intrusion detection systems that alert you to the presence of un-wanted activity on your network.

Please see below for a quick list of our more common security related services:

  • Linux and Windows server hardening (decreases the attack surface of the operating system itself)

  • Firewall configuration and deployment

  • Fully Automated Firewall Response - detects attacks on your server or network andĘ automatically blocks all traffic from the source of the attack.

  • Automated alert systems - Email or SMS alerts to let you know when someone is doing something they shouldn't be on your network or server.

  • Physical security system integration - a2b technologies can integrate server monitoring solutions with your physical security systems.

  • Vulnerability assessment - a2b technologies will audit your network and servers to determine their weaknesses and most likely attack points.

  • Script hardening - a2b technologies is no stranger when it comes to programming, we can actually assess your source code on your custom applications to determine if there are possible points of entry or attack.

  • Environmental Monitoring - a2b technologies installs and configures devices which can automatically alert and take action to dangerous rises in temperature or humidity. Common uses for this service are to shut down racks or systems in the event of a cooling system failure or other catastrophic even such as flood or fire.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning - a2b technologies takes a professional risk assessment based approach to disaster recovery. Our strategies for disaster recovery includes such factors as file backups, emergency power generation, hardware redundancy, and more. Please see the following link to learn more about disaster recovery planning.